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MTG 2016 Planechase Anthology


To understand the appeal of Planechase Anthology, first you have to understand what you're getting. Here's a quick rundown of everything the shiny box contains:

  • Four ready-to-play 60-card decks from Planechase (2012 Edition), each with eight rare cards (for the exact decklists, check out the Planechase 2012 product page)
  • 86 oversized Planar cards, including 78 plane cards and 8 phenomenon cards
  • Four slide deck boxes
  • Oversize slide deck box
  • 35 double-sided token cards
  • Special edition planar die
  • Four Spindown life counters
  • Strategy insert
  • Did I mention the box is shiny?
MTG 2016 Planechase Anthology

Aether Revolt Booster Pack


Kaladesh Booster Pack


Eldritch Moon Booster Pack


Shadows Over Innistrad Booster Pack


Dragon Shield - card sleeves

Designed to protect your gaming cards against the wear and tear of play use, Dragon Shield Standard 100 Count Sleeves are tough polypropylene sleeves made to fit both casual and competitive play. Measurements: 67x91mm (2.64" x 3.58”) Every box has a printed label for labeling your favorite decks. All boxes are made of sturdy cardboard with original dragon artwork. All sleeves are completely PVC free. The box design fits 75+ gaming cards including sleeves for easy storage of your decks. 100 sleeves per box

Dragon Shields
Dragon Shields MATTE

Ultra Pro MOX CUB3 for Magic

Ultra Pro MOX CUB3 for Magic The MOX CUB3™, designed for Cubing, features a unique 2-level storage design. Holds 900 standard double-sleeved gaming cards in Ultra•PRO PRO-Fit & Deck Protector sleeves. Compartment for dice, stones and other accessories. Secure magnetic closure. 8½” x 8½” x 8½” (215.9mm x 215.9mm x 215.9mm). Single Card $11.50 USD


Ultra Pro W.A.R. Cases

Rule the tropics and keep your supply line open with our W.A.R. Wargame Accessory Reserves 'ammo can' style carrying cases. Made with authentic .30 cal ammo can design using cold rolled steel, powder coating and tight-fitting lid with rubber seals for air-tight closure, this heavy-duty case will get you through the toughest battles at your next gaming session. (Contents sold separately) .