Here at dz comics we take in account what others have to say
after all what is a store without reviews from our loyal customers who help us improve and make their experiance all the better.

My husband and I visited for the first time recently and we absolutely love this place. Everyone was very friendly and they offer a great selection of child-friendly comics/graphic novels. Also, they are welcoming. We have wanted to go to the Magic events, but wasn't sure if they would kid-friendly. They were more than happy for us to bring along our kiddo - they have legos, arcade games and computers kids can play with and an employee has a daughter the same age as our daughter who he brings along sometimes to the events which makes it even better! I love that they don't shy away from brining the littles along - they are the future customer base!

thumb Richard White

I was skeptical at first to transition over to your store but the at home feel and family atmosphere was strong enough to make me feel you guys cared & not just about the next dollar you wanted to squeeze out of my wallet. I'm an upfront & honest person who has no issues being dealt with in the same manner. I prefer it actually, as I feel it save a tremendous amount of time for all parties involved. I have always believed that if you treat your customers more like family/friend(s) you establish a stronger foundation to build on going forward which is critical to the growth of any business. This is how I feel I get treated every time I walk into this family owned store

thumb Daniel Bandli

Dz Comics Documentary

Brief documentary about the store, the owner, the values, and future plans and dreams for Dz Comics and Gaming